About the Church of God . . .


    It is a group of churches that voluntarily affiliate to promote the purposes of Christ in the world. The international headquarters is located in Anderson, Indiana. In the late 1800's men and women from the major denominations, weary of religious division and prejudice, began searching for unity. They came to several points of commitment:

   Wear the name of Christ, simply claiming to be Christians
   Take the Bible as sole authority
   Live as a holy people
   Seek Christian unity whenever possible

    It was founded unintentionally by a man named Daniel S. Warner as he was preaching the biblical message of Jesus Christ throughout the midwest. Churches began to be established in 1881 as people were embracing his message of the Good News.
    There are presently 2,330 churches in the United States, and 3,945, (1993 stats), in other countries of the world. Each congregation is autonomous, self-governed and free to choose its own pastors, its own style, its own programs, and its own building and property. There is no denominational control or hierarchy. Rather, we voluntarily affiliate to accomplish that which we could not do separately:

   sponsor missions in 79 different countries
   sponsor 6 universities and colleges
   sponsor youth camps and conventions
   sponsor teacher training and leadership development events
   start new churches all over the world
   develop curriculum for adult, youth and children Christian education
   provide helps for worship and Bible study groups
   sponsor radio outreach programs in 7 languages
   provide encouragement and counsel to struggling pastors and churches

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    It is a group of 66 churches in the western part of Pennsylvania that are affiliated with the “Church of God” Reformation Movement and work together to promote the purposes of Christ in this area. Its district headquarters is located in Emlenton, Pennsylvania. Many district ministries are coordinated from this office:

   summer youth camps for third through twelfth grade
   an annual youth convention for Jr. and Sr. High youth
   maintaining and developing a 100 acre camp (Whitehall)
   training events for workers in Christian education
   annual camp meeting each August
   training and ordaining of pastors
   starting new churches!

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